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Wie geht das?

About us

In 1999, the first book from the series "Ringing Cedars of Russia" of Anastasia was translated and published in Germany. Everything began basically with it. In the book Anastasia tells about the benefits of pine nuts, the importance of cedar oil for humans. This book has opened for Europe a wonderful tree - the Siberian Cedar (Pinus Sibirica) and products from it. At that time, we were partners of the publishing house and distributed books. The readers' interest in the cedar nut and oil, as well as in woodwork was so great that we decided to help them to acquire these things in Germany.
So, in 2000, the only company appeared which first of all began to familiarize primarily the readers of the books "Anastasia" with unique products that were not available in the markets of Europe at that time. All the tests for the quality of products and cedar oil, extruded in the most ecological way, by the wooden press, were passed. And now more than 18 years, we are the official representatives of the production "Ringing Cedars of Russia" and offer only high-quality, directly experienced and time-tested products.
Our philosophy is to offer only those products that we ourselves use, as well as our children. For many years our clients know and trust us as responsible and reliable entrepreneurs.
In today’s Internet-based age much had changed: with increasing frequency firms appear that sell low-quality products, with expired terms and, sometimes, not even brought from Siberia, but have been reworked in other countries.
Where and how to buy products from cedar is up to you, our dear buyer! But we’d like to acquaint you with the history of the appearance of cedar products in Germany and those who can give professional answers to all your questions, as well as provide you with quality goods, fully bearing responsibility for it.

We wish you good health and happiness today and now!  

Best regards

Vladimir and Olga Yan