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Poster "Anastasia"

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Poster Anastasia
Poster Anastasia
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Poster "Anastasia"
The secret of the photo …. The book cover by V.Megre's "Anastasia" shows a picture of a woman with a clear makeup on her face.
- It doesn't correspond to the character of the hermit of taiga, - the reader may think, - how could Anastasia agree to that?
The answer is simple. Outwardly everything happened rather simply. As Anastasia had arrived to Moscow, reported her Vladimir Megre that the publicity expert insisted that on the book cover should be an outstanding and half-naked woman (he did not read the book. He knew only that it was about a woman).
- Why do I have to read it? - thought the publicity expert, - it has already been proven: most effective will be an outstanding and at best a naked woman, who will attract most of the attention at the first place, in the second place an animal, and in third a child. And the fact that the character is not adequate, is not so bad. On the "Camel “ pack is even shown a camel. Yet people are not surprised that in the pack of cigarettes are no camels. It was fun for Anastasia to put make-up on at the suggestion of Vladimir:
- How interesting. If you like it, we'll try …

But it has now become apparent that behind the fast promise wasn't just a woman's interest or curiosity, but also the wisdom of the hermit of taiga.

While fulfilling the request of her beloved one, she retained the qualities of a normal life.

Today, when many uninvited pilgrims, usually egoistic in their goals, try to visit Anastasia's residence, the existence of Anastasia and her son is exposed. It becomes clear that not only the thicket of the Siberian taiga can protect her from unwanted guests. When she, as a usual rural woman wears simple modest dress and mixes with the people, she avoids such interferences. But despite the make-up Anastasia in the photo does not see as a vulgar dull coquette.
Nothing could remain unnoticed by her beautiful, piercing, bluish-grey eyes, which were determinedly and clearly staring into the distance with her barely noticeable smile on her lips, that showed self-confidence and the faith in people. Her exceptionally beautiful face remained untouched, fair and beautiful.” …
From “The Mission of the Owners of the Gardens of Russia”, IZ “Anastasia”, pp. 84-85.

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